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Programs are designed to introduce stitchers to new techniques or rekindle the love of old ones. They include cross stitch, needlepoint (canvasa), hand embroidery, beading and many others done with a threaded needle. On occasion, we also have instructional, educational and fun lectures on various topics.

Please see your newsletter for names and other information not published on our website.

Day Meeting 

Members, see your Newsletter for any supplies needed and sign-up deadlines.

January - Mentored Open Stitching  This will be your opportnity to work on completing 2018 class projects, and to receive help from teachers/mentors.
February - Holiday Delights - Valentines Day (canvas) The class will be taught by our member, Jeanete Tombaugh.  Piece was designed by Kathy Rees.
March - Dawn to Dusk (canvas) Year long project - designed by Textured Treasures Designs
April - Dawn to Dusk (canvas) Year long project continued
May - L'il Freeze (canvas) Ornament will be taught by Margaret Bendig in conjunction with the chapter workshop
June - Wrap and Drape Beaded Necklace (beading) Bead Dreamers Designs necklace to be taught by Marilyn Blak
July - Queen Stitch Smalls (queen stitch/backstitch/whipstitch) Three smalls designed by Carolyn Standing Webb
August - Pulled Thread Sampler/15-Sided Biscornulled thread/biscornu assembly) Sampler or biscornu (or stitch both) a 2018 EGA Facebook Group Stitch-a-Long project designed by Kathrin Ellison 
September - Pulled Thread Sampler/15-Sided Biscornu and Dawn to Dusk Opportunity to work on these larger piece at our meeting
October - Educational Presentation on Tapestry Weaving
November - Mentored Open Stitching This will be your opportunity to work on completing 2019 class projects, and to receive help from the teacher/mentors


Night Meeting meets the second Wednesday of the month and has the same program as the day meeting when possible. Meetings are held at member's homes. For more information please use the contact link below.

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March/April Year Long Project












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